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FairFly- save $ after you book


Always fly for the the fairest price- no matter when, where or how you booked. FairFly unlocks savings on airfare *after* booking by monitoring for price changes. Whether flying first, business, or coach- weve got your back, from booking to boarding.- FairFly continually tracks prices for your flight after you have booked. Well track any partially or fully refundable ticket.
- We’ll send you automated push notifications and/or email alerts when we’ve found you a better offer!
- All fees are calculated so we’ll only notify you when you’ll *really* save money.
- We’ll help you rebook your trip. It’s easy, and you’ll save the difference in fares.
- Frequent flyer? We make it easy to manage multiple itineraries at once - we’ll track them all!
Isn’t it time for a more fair fare? FairFly’s advanced search algorithm and automated alerts help you rebook to get more money back on airfare cancellations. Get more money back by outsmarting airfare fluctuations to access the best prices when traveling abroad.
Have you ever received advice from different people before booking a flight that sounds a little like this…?
- “Book 8-14 weeks in advance!” or
“No way. Be a savvy traveler and book a seat last minute for the best deals!”
- “Buy your ticket midweek. That’s when they’re cheapest.” Or “No way, only buy airfare on the weekends when airlines have less staff to manage pricing!”
- “Book with an agent!” or “Never book with an agent! Only book online.”
- “Buy on a Tuesday, travel on a Saturday. Rules to live by.”
So…what should you do to save money on airfare – especially after you’ve booked a fixed-price ticket?If there were one clear formula, you’d never end up paying more than the person sitting in the seat next to you. Sadly, there is no formula. Airline prices fluctuate all the time. There’s really no way to know when and how the price will change and there’s no trick that will help you “beat the system”. The answer is to track the prices to find the best fares.
The good news? FairFly does all the work for you.
Just add your upcoming trips by forwarding your airline confirmation emails to - and we’ll do the rest. We’ll keep working to find you a better deal – up until the day you fly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re flying domestic or overseas, FairFly will do the work for you. You get a personalized service designed to save you money every time you fly, from the comfort of your smartphone.
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